there's nothing like a sister. i'm blessed to have one in my life. and to have an older sister, for that matter. she is my heart and soul. since the very early years of my life, she has guided me through the good times and the bad times. she is my best friend without out a doubt.

this past weekend, i went up to visit her in beautiful burlington, vermont. what a great place by the way. i needed that get away more than i realized. it was so refreshing to be with her in a place that is so serene. the drive up there is long, i must admit. but it gave me so much time to think about my life and where i'm at today, and where i want to be in the future. it's funny. she says i'm a much calmer person when i'm up there. it made me wonder if i'm living in the right place...

i got to see my (our) kitties, izzy and gerty. they are sisters, too. we got them when we lived together about 4 years ago. they are the sweetest cats you will ever meet. so loving. so cuddly. so loyal.

this is izzy. the older sister cat. always has a concerned look on her face. yet she's so much more confident than gerty, the younger one.

gerty is very, very needy of attention. always crying...or meowing. wanting love from anyone that will give it to her.

i favor izzy. my sister favors gerty, which i find ironic since i'm the younger sibling. but they are equally loved by both of us, and the many visitors to my sisters (phat!) apartment up there in vermont.

even though i don't live with my sister anymore, she and i have made a pact that we will live together again one day. even if it is in a nursing home. ha! she is coming to visit this weekend. and i'm so looking forward to more "sister time" with her.

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